Elk Creek

Elk Creek’s primary rail service is on CSX with access to a potential Norfolk Southern siding on the southern end of the property. On the CSX side, approximately three miles of rail is currently being upgraded to provide 150-railcar capacity.


The Berwind property is currently in the permitting process. Historical mining has occurred in the targeted Pocahontas No.3 and 4 seams and other seams on this property. We have no infrastructure on the Berwind property at this time except for the right to use an existing coal haul road that leads from a county road to the mine face-up area. We have the right to use such haul road, which crosses over neighboring property, pursuant to a right-of-way controlled by Berwind and included in our lease of the Berwind property.

Knox Creek

Coal from our Berwind coal reserve is expected to be transported by highway trucks to our Knox Creek facility for processing, and then shipped to our customers via highway trucks, rail cars primarily on the Norfolk Southern, or by barge on river systems to our customers.

RAM Mine

We expect that coal from the RAM Mine coal reserve will be transported by highway trucks, rail cars or by barge on river systems to our customers. In addition to close proximity to river barge facilities, our RAM Mine operations are also near Norfolk Southern rail access.